Class DoJo. (n.d.). Retrieved from

ClassDojo is an excellent classroom management site for teachers to use to log the work and effort given by students. It’s accessible to parents so they may follow their students behavioral log throughout the year. Students have their own accessibility where they can play with their “monsters” that represent themselves.


CoolMath4Kids. (n.d.) Retrieved from

This resource will be helpful to students when it comes to the subject of Mathematics. It allows you to play free games that will help boost your practice and knowledge in this subject. There are many multiplication games on the website, and even printable flash cards. They even offer a free app for this site, so you are able to download it on to your iPhone or iPad.


Creaza. (n.d.). Retrieved from

Creaza is an excellent teacher resource for unique presentation tools as well as activities on various subjects to put into lesson plans. (n.d.) Retrieved from is a website that has different games that will include multiplication in the different games.  To find this website, go to, click to games on the top left, and there will be pages of games for your students to play.  This is a great website for students who are  currently learning or reviewing their multiplication.

Pbs Kids (n.d.) Retrieved from

This website will help students in the area of reading. This free website allows students to play games and learn reading skills at the same time. The website consists of many different games, so the student will never become bored.